What would BT FTTP cost?

That’s a bit academic as BT aren’t likely to be upgrading our exchange to support Fibre to the Premises (BT are now calling it Fibre On Demand or FOD; marketing obscuring the waters yet again). There are only around 5% of the 5600 BT exchanges that have been upgraded to support FTTP/FOD.

But let’s pretend we could get it. Here’s a comparison (figures as of Sept 2014):

BT FOD Gigaclear H1000
Installation £2,160 (average) £195 Gigaclear is 90% Cheaper
Monthly Cost £118.80 £69 Gigaclear is 58% Cheaper

The BT FOD service is 330Mbs download but only 30Mbs upload. We’ve compared it with the Gigaclear 1,000Mbs service so as well as being much cheaper Gigaclear is also three times faster downloading and thirty three times faster uploading!

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