What route is the fibre taking into the village?

It’s coming down the Stamford Road, under the old railway bridge and then into two main distribution points.

Well that was the plan but Vodafone couldn’t deliver the connection promised so Gigaclear negotiated a new connection with SSE in Wansford. One might therefore think that the main feed would go up ‘Wansford Hill’ but no…. it’s actually going from Apethorpe, through Nassington and Yarwell and thence to the connection point in Wansford.

The first distribution point is likely to be opposite the Endowed School and the second on Oak Lane (subject to survey).

The position of these points doesn’t matter though (unlike the FTTC/Infinity type systems). You get a fibre connection from your house to the distribution point where it joins the 10,000 Mbs link down to the main datacentre in London.

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