Surely one day BT will enable fast Broadband to the community?

The short answer is ‘maybe’.

BT have published their plans as far out as 2017 and the Kings Cliffe exchange doesn’t feature so it currently looks like BT Infinity will not get to either village in the next few years.

There is a hint on the Superfast Northamptonshire website that we may be getting a survey for one cabinet in the village at some undetermined point in the future. Apethorpe is so far off the radar it might as well not exist.

One cabinet just won’t be enough for the whole of Kings Cliffe though as BT’s installation would be Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) and then existing copper pairs to to each building. This is the system being advertised on TV as ‘Fibre Broadband’ which is stretching the truth to say the least; because the ‘last leg’ is nasty old copper.

Those close to the cabinet will see decent speeds, but the speed you get falls off quickly with length of your copper line from the cabinet. Some Infinity users are reporting speeds as low as to 1 Mbs! and the service, because of the copper wires, has reliability issues.

So you will have to wait some years to get an upgrade from BT, and the upgrade will be to a slower and less reliable solution than offered by Gigaclear.

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