Isn’t this the same as BT Infinity?

No, this isn’t the same solution as BT Infinity (despite the BT advertising, Infinity isn’t Fibre Broadband – they’ve used their clout to persuade OffCom and the ASA to let them call it ‘Fibre Broadband’ even though it’s not).

BT Infinity will connect a fibre only to their cabinets in the street – NOT all the way to the home/business premises. This means that your internet access will still run through the same copper wires that connect your house to the telephone network. For people who live near the cabinets, there would be an increase in speed (but still not as fast as Gigaclear). For those further away from the cabinet, it may make little or no difference at all to your current broadband speed – it could even be worse.

It’s an academic question though – BT have no plans to install Infinity in Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe. The most we’ve heard is that they might be doing a survey at some undefined point in the future with a view to putting one FTTC cabinet in Kings Cliffe and Apethorpe doesn’t even get that vague promise. As the norm for BT Infinity in cities is one cabinet per street; you can see what a raw deal we’d be getting with just one cabinet for the whole village.

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