Isn’t High Speed Internet just for the computer geeks, nerds and gamers?

Well, back in the early nineties that was Bill Gates’ opinion about the Internet at any speed and it’s pretty obvious that he’s been proved wrong.

The Internet is increasingly used for a variety of reasons by people from all walks of life. Most schools now expect children to use the Internet for homework or to access school resources, many employers allow their employees to work part time from home provided they can be online at sufficient speeds to do so and increasingly the government is providing services (such as tax returns!) online.

All of these point to a need for greater speed just to stand still. It is also true that many more people use the Internet for leisure purposes and Internet video is the biggest growing segment of Internet traffic as people switch off the TV and watch the same content on-demand over the Internet. Good video requires speeds well in excess of that available in the village at present.

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