I’m in a contract for my broadband, can I still sign up?


Gigaclear will accept your registration if your current contract has 12 months or less to run.

They will enable your new fibre service when your current contract expires so you won’t be paying for two broadband connections (remember Gigaclear have promised not to take any money until your new service is up and running).

So even if you are in a contract, please do sign up as you’ll then count towards the critical 30% needed to get the project launched.

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2 thoughts on “I’m in a contract for my broadband, can I still sign up?

  1. Russell Bown

    I’m not familiar with BT Vision but a quick online search (well it wasn’t that quick as I had to wait for the village broadband to catch up!) shows that it’s providing Freeview and all the normal online ‘Catchup’ services like IPlayer and 4OD.

    Freeview is broadcast err…. free! so that’s not an issue.

    The Catchup Players (and other Internet Streamed TV Services) will greatly benefit from High Speed Fibre.

    If the current village broadband is not upgraded (and there are *no* plans to do so) and the load on it increases as more new houses are built and occupied, one wonders how long you could continue to watch Internet Catchup Streaming players before you got so feed up with the buffering you give up!

  2. Mike Henchy

    We recently had to upgrade our BT Vision box (at BT’s expense) and would then be required to stay with BT for 12 months. What alternative TV service will be available through a Gigaclear connection after the current BT contract expires?

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