I am happy with the current speed of Broadband: why should I consider changing?

Two parts to this answer.

  • If nothing is done, the current village broadband can only get worse. This will be caused by increasing occupancy of new houses (most of the new houses on Oak Lane have young families with high broadband demands), more people using Smart-TV or IPlayer type applications, more people working from home, more people using Skype and other video systems, more TV channels becoming Internet based and not broadcast (as is happening already to BBC 3), more people using VOIP (telephone calls over the Internet) and Internet applications coming along that havn’t even been thought of yet. The prognosis isn’t good and the status-quo isn’t going to remain unchanged over the next few years.
    You might be happy now but you probably won’t be in the fairly near future.
  • Is everyone in your household of the same opinion? How much more could you do if your Internet connection was faster and more reliable? How else could you and all your family use the Internet to save money with less travel, better entertainment and more effective working? The Internet is a rapidly changing place and those with slow connections are going to get left behind.

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