How bad is our current broadband?

In KAHSI, we’ve heard a few people say that the current broadband is OK for their current needs. While that’s obviously true for the individuals that said it, it does beg the question of “How much worse does it need to get before it’s not OK?”.

Predicting the future is always tricky but if you look at the current performance and compare it with other communities it does show that the current position isn’t good and as it gets worse we’ll fall even further behind.

Here’s a graph showing the response time on what we’d consider a good Internet connection (it’s inside a data centre) over the last 30 hours. It’s a nice stable green line with very little variation.

Good Broadband

The next graph is taken from a normal domestic ADSL broadband line in Werrington, Peterborough.

Peterborough Broadband

That’s pretty good (although if it was our line we’d be asking BT to check out the wiring as there’s a bit of lost data from time to time).

The average is 12mS and the worst 16mS.

Lets look at a BT broadband in Kings Cliffe over the same timeframe.

Kings Cliffe Broadband

The average is 34mS (12mS for the line in Werrington) and the worst 83mS (16mS in Werrington).

That’s pretty awful and shows what I’d consider a heavily loaded line that was struggling to maintain a decent service. In fact this broadband is very lightly loaded (it’s used for a specific purpose a handful of times each day that generates hardly any traffic).

The average is three times worse than an equivalent broadband in Peterborough. and when the going gets a bit tougher it’s five times worse!

What’s it going to look like when the rest of Sovereign Grange is finished and online, the building plot behind Sovereign Grange has a load more houses on it and half the Middle School site is developed for housing?

We might not be able to predict the future but with no BT update plans for Kings Cliffe’s broadband until at least 2019, it’s not hard to see which way the wind’s blowing :(

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