Can the Gigaclear fibreoptic connection do anything for my mobile phone? I have great difficulty in receiving a signal in the village.

Yes – with Vodafone’s “Sure Signal” product which boosts the signal through a box costing around £50.

Vodafone states: “Get a great signal – with Sure Signal. We know you want to do more on your mobile phone or 3G device, so we’ve made Vodafone Sure Signal even better. It gives you a great mobile signal in every corner of your home or office. And Sure Signal even works in basement flats or buildings with thick walls. Install Sure Signal easily. Just connect Sure Signal to a fixed-line home or office broadband. You can register up to 32 numbers – from 3G phones to mobile internet dongles. Share the benefits of Sure Signal. After you’ve installed Sure Signal, up to four people can use it at once. So one of you might be checking out your favourite sites while others are updating Facebook or sharing videos on YouTube.

Other mobile phone providers have similar systems. The Sure Signal is like having your own antenna booster in your own home! And, if you are traveling, take the Sure Signal with you, connect into another wireless router and, after initialisation, off you go!

If you’re using Vonage for your normal telephony, you can register your smart phones with the service and make calls with your mobile over the Gigaclear fibre via the routers WIFI.

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