Can I continue to use my BT-Vision box?

We wish we knew the answer to this :(

Some older BT-Vision boxes are designed to only work if you’re paying BT for broadband service and line rental.

Some BT-Vision boxes will still play and record Freeview broadcast TV without a BT broadband but won’t stream Internet TV.

Some BT-Vision boxes will work quite happily without a BT broadband. For example, Currys are currently, September 2014, advertising BT-Vision boxes with no subscription and no tie-in to any particular ISP (See here for details).

To further complicate matters, some people have BT-Vision on contract with BT and when your BT Broadband contract expires you will be expected to return the box to them.

So it’s a bit complicated and we can only suggest that you contact BT and ask about your particular box and contract.

Sorry we couldn’t give you a simple answer. It’s almost as if BT were intentionally making things complicated to stop people moving to a different ISP :)

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