Who are we?

We are a group of interested residents of Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe who believe that the villages need a reliable ultrafast future-proof broadband service that will cope with the ever-increasing demand. See also “Who we’re not” below.

The group comprises Russell Brown (Kings Cliffe Parish Councillor) as Chairman ably assisted by Angela Lumsdon, Georgie Atkinson, Charles Tomalin, Steve Julien, Phil Brown (Chairman of Apethorpe Parish Meeting) and Hannah Mervis. Yes it’s a small group but our role is one of coordination and we’ll most certainly be drafting in lots more people to help with specific tasks while keeping the core group tight so we can act swiftly as a team.

We believe that the Gigaclear proposal is the only realistic chance of ultra speed broadband the villages are likely to see for decades. BT don’t even want to install FTTC (Infinity) in our villages and none of the taxpayers money (BDUK £1.7billion) being routed through the County Councils has been allocated to Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe.

Kings Cliffe Parish Council share this belief and formed the Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe High Speed Internet group (KAHSI) to inform the community and coordinate with Gigaclear.

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding of the complexities of what is on offer and we urge you to visit the other pages on this website to get a clearer idea for yourself, however we believe that if we do nothing and rely solely on the pie-in-the-sky BDUK County rollout plan to deliver better broadband, we will have missed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The benefits of fibre to each household and business is beyond rational debate, unlike the mixed fibre/copper solution (FTTC/BT Infinity). Fibre isn’t affected by bad weather and doesn’t degrade like copper wire. There’s also no meaningful distance related speed dropoff so the whole community will benefit from ultra-speed broadband no matter where their house or business is.

Talking of speed, Gigaclear already offer speeds of 1,000 Mbps for residential customers and up to a staggering 10,000 Mbps for business users. Fibre has been demonstrated to carry 100,000,000 Mbs (yes that’s one hundred million Megabits per second) and speeds are increasing all the time. Compare that to the current village average of less than 5 Mbs 😯 and remember that we’re talking about real speeds not ‘up to some figure’ that copper based broadband provides.

It’s also important to say who we’re not.

We are not Gigaclear, we’re not paid by Gigaclear or receiving any incentive from Gigaclear. The website you’re reading wasn’t produced or funded by Gigaclear but by KAHSI. The only contribution Gigaclear made to our efforts to date is to cover the printing costs for leaflets/posters etc which have all been created by the KAHSI team.

If you want to contact the group please email us. We’d love to hear your views.

If you’d like to discuss the project with a wider group, then the Kings Cliffe Village Forum is the place to do it.