What’s it all about?

It’s all about grabbing the chance to get Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe a 22nd (yes 22nd that wasn’t a typo) century high speed real fibre internet connection for every home and business.

With such a high speed internet connection, you will be able to –

  • Browse the net at high speed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whatever the weather.
  • Watch TV programmes on catchup (e.g. BBC IPlayer, 4OD etc) without that annoying buffering spinner appearing every few minutes..
  • Make video calls to your friends/relatives in Australia (e.g. Skype).
  • Work from home and video conference with a high speed connection to your employers system.
  • Upload data, photos or backup your system to ‘The Cloud’.
  • Watch videos and films – YouTube, Netflix, Lovefilm etc – without the stop/start buffering.
  • Engage in online gaming with low latency.
  • Do your weekly shopping online, without waiting for the shop website to wake up.
  • Run your own business from home with your own servers.
  • Immediately send and receive photos and other large documents via email.
  • Use your Android/IPhone (other brands are available) to contact people quickly, immediately and cheaply.
  • Get a decent mobile phone signal in your home.
  • Make cheap phone calls and avoid paying the BT line rental.
  • Full Immersion 3D Holographic Projection and Teleportation.

And… do all these things while the rest of your family (and the village!) are also doing their own internet stuff.

And… it won’t get slower as the village grows, or when internet apps require even higher capacity such as ‘4K TV’ and other new services that nobody’s even thought of yet.

And … having this connection will make your home more valuable….

OK – so we lied about ‘Full Immersion 3D Holographic Projection and Teleportation‘ in the above list as it doesn’t exist yet (as far as we know). However, all the other stuff is true… and when someone does invent Holographic Projection or Teleportation you’ll certainly need a High Speed Internet connection to use it.

This is all possible because a company called Gigaclear, who specialise in installing High Speed Internet access in rural communities previously overlooked by BT, have chosen Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe as one of their potential targets.

The Gigaclear product is pretty simple (although there are course some technical details and choices) – you end up with a real Fibre Optic cable that connects you to the Internet at your chosen speed. Because it’s pure fibre it’s as close to futureproof as it can be. In the future when Internet speeds increase the fibre can handle it (a single fibre can handle 20 million times more data than the current village connection).

No copper wires on victorian style telegraph poles. No speed degradation because you live more than a stones throw from the exchange or box in the street. With Fibre Optic Cable there is no congestion because the end to end connection to the Internet is a high capacity/high speed fibre all the way to the main Internet connection in London and not the bit of damp string we all rely on now.

What do I get in physical terms?

Gigaclear will install a small chamber called a ‘Toby Box’ (much like the water company’s one) on the border of your property. Toby Style Box

This chamber will have a fibre optic cable for your premises that runs back to the main connection box in the village (it’s actually two fibre optic cables; one’s a spare just in case the first one gets damaged).

Once this is installed you need to connect your own Fibre Optic cable, supplied by Gigaclear, from this box into your house either by using the free DIY installation kit (roughly 30% of people in previous Gigaclear areas chose DIY) or by using the Gigaclear nominated contractor Boxcom who will charge you £95 (including VAT) for a standard connection (more if it’s a long run or especially complicated) or employing a local builder or handyman to do it for you.

For those that want to go down the DIY route (it’s not hard; if you can put up a set of shelves it should be a breeze) Gigaclear have an Installation Manual to help.

The Gigaclear kit includes a combined WIFI and four port Ethernet router Router, a pre-made fibre optic cable of the length you specified with your order and other associated bits’n’bobs to finish the installation.

What do I get Internet wise?

You get a pure fibre connection running at the speed you signed up for. If you signed up for 50Mbs then that’s what you’ll get.

There’s no degradation (slow down) because of where you live or because there’s a thunderstorm going on. Fibre isn’t affected by things like that.

Of course, even though your connection is running at the maximum speed all the time; the site at the other end of the connection might not be as good or could be suffering from congestion. At least with High Speed Broadband you won’t be the weak link in the chain and all the big name sites (Google, BBC, Amazon, Facebook etc) have massive connections so you’ll be able to use them at full speed.

The Gigaclear service is also unlimited; no more worrying if you’ve gone over the maximum amount of data for your chosen tariff and paying through the nose for the difference. Send and receive as much as you like.

What don’t I get Internet wise?

Gigaclear are not a traditional ISP in that they’re not selling website space or email services. There are many many such providers from whom you can get paid for or free service. Googlemail is an obvious example; used by zillions of people worldwide for free.

Think of the Gigaclear service as a utility. The Electricity company doesn’t provide light bulbs or televisions; they provide the electricity that you can then use for whatever you like and that’s just what you’ll be able to do with a High Speed Internet connection – whatever you like.