August 2014

Kings Cliffe and Apethorpe are being given the chance to get Ultra-high speed Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) Broadband installed for every home and business in the village.

This is a huge opportunity for our community and, if it goes ahead, it will lift Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe’s broadband service above 99.9% of all the other villages in the country; and it’s future-proof too!

With fibre to every home and business, we’ll be able to point at the likes of Woodnewton, Nassington and Oundle, with their inferior FTTC broadband, and giggle at their inadequacies :)

However, this project will not go ahead unless 30% of the combined communities of Kings Cliffe and Apethorpe sign up so there’s no ‘sitting on the fence to see what happens’ – do that and the chance will pass us by and probably won’t be repeated for decades. There is no ‘Plan B’.

If you’re currently in a contract for your broadband with 12 months or less to run then you can still sign up and you will count towards the 30% – just state your contract expiry date on your order and you’ll flip over to Gigaclear at the end of your contract; you won’t be paying for two services.

If you’re amoungst the first 30% needed to get the project off the ground you’ll get upgraded to the next tariff level free for the first twelve months as a ‘thank you’. So sign up for 50Mbs and you get 100Mbs. Sign up for 100Mbs and you get 200Mbs. Sign up for 200Mbs and you get 1000Mbs!

Other pages on this website go into specific details and we1 urge you to read through them and support the scheme by signing up with Gigaclear.

So please sign up and be a part of making Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe better places to live, work and play.

PS – Gigaclear won’t take any money until the service is installed so there’s no risk even if the project doesn’t go ahead.

1 – KAHSI: Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe High Speed Internet; a working-group of Kings Cliffe Parish Council and Apethorpe Parish Meeting. We are not Gigaclear. We are a group of local people who believe this is an important opportunity for both villages. We are not being employed or paid by Gigaclear and we are not receiving any incentive from them.