This page contains both specific prices and examples of pricing packages to illustrate the possibilities. Please read through all of it to get the full facts.

On the first glance, the Gigaclear connection can seem expensive but when you actually examine the figures it’s highly competitive and in many cases can work out cheaper than your current connections thereby saving you money.

Before we start going into the pricing detail, here’s an interesting chart published in the Appleton with Eaton Ultrafast Broadband to February 2014 Report. This shows the broadband and  telephone costs (Mobile, Business and Private lines) between financial year 2011 and 2014 for one household.

Appleton Figures

You can see from this that they’re now saving over £800 per year and there’s more savings to be had by making better use of the Vonage packages to include reduced rate calls to mobiles and using their Vonage package to make free calls from their mobiles.

They’re also now BT-free and enjoying their high speed and reliable Internet connection.

Gigaclear Prices

The pricing is split into three areas.

  • Sign Up fee of £100 (note: this is a one off joining fee and it won’t be taken until your service is installed and running).
  • Installation fee. This could be nothing if you go down the simple DIY route. £95 (inc VAT) for an installation by Gigaclear’s contractor Boxcom (could be more for complex or long distances but the £95 covers most people’s circumstances) or a few pints down the pub if you get a mate to do it for you :)
  • Ongoing Service Fee. This is £37 for the ‘normal’ Home 50 Mbs service.

Price Comparisons

Let’s compare just the broadband cost.

Standard Broadband Gigaclear
Broadband Rental £16.001 £37.00

So for just broadband Gigaclear is £21 per month more expensive (although it’s 10 times faster downloading, 100 times faster uploading and not subject to the time, weather and distance problems suffered by normal broadband).

However, you can get smarter than merely using Gigaclear for just the broadband service. If you use someone like Vonage for your telephone calls you can not only do away with the BT copper telephone line (that costs you £15.99 per month going up to £16.99 in December 2014) but also take advantage of a variety of call plans that provide cheap mobile and international calls. You can even get really clever and link your smartphones into the package or take your vonage box away with you so your home or business phone can work anywhere in the world.

Standard Broadband Gigaclear/Vonage
Broadband Rental £16.001 £37.00
Line Rental £15.99 (£16.99 from December) £0.00
Unlimited UK Calls £7.50 £7.00
Calling Features £0-£9.35 £0.00
Total per Month £40.49 to £49.84 £44.00

That’s looking better isn’t it? Oh, and you can also move your current telephone number to Vonage so everyone can still phone you without having to learn a new number.

Want to get rid of those pesky telephone sales people trying to flog you solar panels or offering to fix your PC? BT charge £4 per month to block callers who withhold their number; Vonage includes this feature for free.

Vonage also offers lots of other features from linking in your smartphones with the free App to sending you your voicemail messages via email.

Please have a look at the Vonage website to see all of the possibilities and the Telephony Page on this website for more info including an illustration of how easy it is to set up.

More Savings?

OK, let’s get smarter still and make more use of the high speed broadband for online entertainment. If you subscribe to Sky Movies you could use Netflix, LoveFilm (Amazon) and/or Now-TV to save money. Lets add that into the previous table.

Standard Broadband Gigaclear/Vonage
Broadband Rental £16.001 £37.00
Line Rental £15.99 (£16,99 from December) £0.00
Unlimited UK Calls £7.50 £7.00
Calling Features £0-£9.35 £0.00
Sky Bundle Movies cost £16.502 Netflix £5.99
Total per Month £56.99 to £66.34 £49.99

That’s a saving of between £7 and £16.35 per month (£84 to £196.20 per year).

See how high speed broadband gives you more options and opportunities to save money while getting a much better service and more choice?

The monthly cost doesn’t look so expensive now does it.

Movie or F1 fan? Save by doing it differently

SKY have recognised that the world of entertainment is going away from broadcasting and down the online streaming path and launched Now-TV.

The SKY Now-TV Internet TV box costs only £10 to buy and has no contract or monthly cost.

Once you have your Now-TV box plugged into your ultra-fast fibre optic broadband you’ll be able to use all the normal catchup services like IPlayer, 4OD etc as well as live SKY channels that come with the Now-TV box for free.

If you like Movies then you’ll be able to add a SKY Movies option to your Now-TV box for £9.99 per month (no yearly contract it’s on a month by month basis) instead of £16.50 that it would cost on a normal SKY satellite dish system on a 12 month contract. Yes, it’s £6.50 per month (£78 per year) cheaper! and you can take it or leave it to suit yourself.

How about F1 fans? Again you can add 24 hour passes at any time for £6.99 instead of subscribing to SKY Sports for £21.50 per month on a 12 month contract (total £258). So just pay to watch the races you want when you want.

The world of entertainment is changing rapidly and it’s all going online. Our current broadband just isn’t going to cope with this.

Real World Example from Apethorpe.

Anne Chamberlain of Apethorpe took the time to compare her current bills with the Gigaclear and Vonage options coming up with the table below which includes the cost of getting BT Sport without a BT broadband package.

Anne’s 2014 costs Gigaclear/Vonage
Broadband Rental £20.06 (includes BT Sports) £37.00
Line Rental £23.28 (Includes Call Plan) £0.00
Vonage Unlimited UK Calls plus 250 mins free to mobiles (2p/min thereafter). £0 £12.00
Calling Features £1.75 (Answer 1571) £0.00
Non-free calls £31.00 £0.00
Extra Broadband Costs (over tariff charges) £13.00 £0.00
BT Sports (Dennis loves his Football) £0 £12.00
Total per Month £89.09 £61.00

The Chamberlains could save £28.09 per month (£337 per year) by using Gigaclear and Vonage while enjoying fast unlimited future-proof broadband and Dennis can continue to watch the football on BT Sport via his SKY dish.

Many thanks to Anne for taking the time to dig out the above figures.

Prices FAQ

Pricing and Comparisons

No. Gigaclear are regulated by OffCom and the maximum price rise is RPI+2%.

As you’ll know if you’ve read the pages on this website, we need 30% of the combined villages (around 200 households/businesses) to sign up before the project can go ahead.

As a ‘thank you’ to the 30%ers Gigaclear will upgrade your subscription to the next highest tariff level free for the first twelve months.

So – sign up for 50Mbs and you’ll get 100 Mbs. Sign up for 100Mbs and you’ll get 200Mbs. Sign up for 200 Mbs and you’ll get 1000Mbs which is five times faster! Sign up for 1,000Mbs and you’ll get a credit for the price difference between the 1,000 and 200 Mbs tariff.

If you’re not in the first 30% then you’ll have missed your chance of this free upgrade so don’t delay – sign up now.


Gigaclear will accept your registration if your current contract has 12 months or less to run.

They will enable your new fibre service when your current contract expires so you won’t be paying for two broadband connections (remember Gigaclear have promised not to take any money until your new service is up and running).

So even if you are in a contract, please do sign up as you’ll then count towards the critical 30% needed to get the project launched.

Despite some information to the contrary on the Gigaclear website (which may well have changed by the time your read this as a new site is being launched and the errors fixed), the connection fee will not be taken until your service is live. Taking the fee when the project starts is the way it used to happen but won’t be the case for Kings Cliffe & Apethorpe.

We’ve had this confirmed both verbally and in writing by Gigaclear’s Sales Director on the 18th August and the connection fee will be taken with your first months subscription and not in advance of that.


This is simply part of Gigaclear’s setup administration.

Gigaclear have assured us verbally, in writing and on their website that bank details will not be used until you are actually connected up and receiving the service.

As it is a direct debit mandate, you are in control of it and Gigaclear have to conform to the strict direct debit rules.

Of course, if we don’t get sufficient people signed up, and we don’t get connected, you won’t be charged anything.

That’s a bit academic as BT aren’t likely to be upgrading our exchange to support Fibre to the Premises (BT are now calling it Fibre On Demand or FOD; marketing obscuring the waters yet again). There are only around 5% of the 5600 BT exchanges that have been upgraded to support FTTP/FOD.

But let’s pretend we could get it. Here’s a comparison (figures as of Sept 2014):

BT FOD Gigaclear H1000
Installation £2,160 (average) £195 Gigaclear is 90% Cheaper
Monthly Cost £118.80 £69 Gigaclear is 58% Cheaper

The BT FOD service is 330Mbs download but only 30Mbs upload. We’ve compared it with the Gigaclear 1,000Mbs service so as well as being much cheaper Gigaclear is also three times faster downloading and thirty three times faster uploading!

The initial contract (landlord/tenant situations excepted) is for 12 months with a 3 month notice period. That effectively means a 15 month contract in the first year.

After the initial 12 months, the contract is ongoing month by month still with a 3 month notice period.

That means that should you wish to cancel after having the service for 2¼ years you would only be tied in to the 3 month notice period and not 9 months as you would be with BT or most other service providers.

If the reason for cancellation is moving or selling your home, Gigaclear will transfer the service to the new occupier without holding you to any termination period.

See the Prices page but in a nutshell:

£100 to join Gigaclear
£0 or £95 to connect the fibre between your house and the ‘pot’ on your border depending on whether you DIY or use Gigaclear’s contractors (1/3rd of Gigaclear’s current customers went down the DIY route)
£37 per month for the entry level 50 Mbs symetric service

So £100 to £195 up front and then £37 per month ongoing.

However, that’s only part of the story. Please see the Prices page for the full information.

Gigaclear have promised verbally and in writing that no money will be taken until the service is installed and working.


1 – Taken from BT website August 2014. Excludes limited time promotions

2 – Taken from Sky website August 2014. Difference between bundle with and without Movies. Excludes limited time promotions.